A huge part of the online casino operations depends on the deposit of money. Unfortunately, many avenues, in particular credit cards, are sometimes blocked when a New Zealander wants to play. And unfortunately, no money no honey as the expression goes. So what are the best options for making deposits in an Online Casino in New Zealand?

Credit Cards

Let’s start with credit cards. Visa and MasterCard are the kings of deposits for most online casinos. Believe it or not, there are actually sites that list Visa Friendly Casinos for Kiwis to enjoy. You’ll often find that searching for ” online casinos in New Zealand that accept either Visa or MasterCard will save you a heck of a lot of time, rather than going straight to the different casino websites. Besides, look at review sites for different casinos as they are almost always up-to-date on the accepted methods of deposit and withdrawal. Generally, if you can deposit the money through a credit card, you can withdraw it the same way, which leads to faster processing time. Besides, look for casinos that accept the deposit in New Zealand dollars to avoid losing money through the exchange rate.


Neteller is probably the most popular payment method after Visa and Mastercard. You can deposit money, and in turn withdraw money in either by using a credit card, or make a direct deposit from your bank account. Neteller accounts are nearly instantaneous in many circumstances or take 1 to 2 days. There is a fee of around 1.45 percent, but deposits with Neteller can be as large as $50,000.


Skrill is another payment system very accessible to gamble in Casinos. Like Neteller, Skrill allows you to fund your deposit either through the use of credit cards or by direct deposit from your bank account. While skrill is available for use in New Zealand, your money will be converted into US Dollars, so it may cost you a little more in the exchange rate if you wish to use Skrill.

Qiwi Wallet

A surprising amount of Casinos accept Qiwi Wallet, which is a Russian money transfer system. You can fund a Qiwi Walled through the use of credit cards, bank transfer, and there are even Qiwi wallet machines similar to an ATM where you can deposit cash. The big downside to the Qiwi wallet is that there are sizeable fees involved, larger than many other payment systems. The maximum amount that can be transferred by Qiwi Wallet is $10,000.


Although PayPal doesn’t normally support online casinos, cheques, which are a direct form of electronic payment generally work for almost all online casinos. There may be a three percent fee for depositing by cheque, but when credit cards are blocked from use, cheques are a great alternative. Typically an eCheque takes around 2 days to be deposited in a casino bank.


Ecopayz is a large global funds transmitter that accepts wire transfers, direct bank account transfers, bitcoin, and more. The fees are reasonable and a typical transfer takes around 2 business days.


Trustly is another system that allows you to make direct payments through your bank account. Although Trustly in mostly available in Denmark. Estonia, Finland, Italy, Norway, Poland Spain, and Sweden, those working in New Zealand may have an account in their home banks. The fees are quite reasonable and typically take about 2 days for a casino to process

Paysafe Card

Some New Zealanders, particularly if they travel to Europe may purchase a Paysafe Card. In exchange for the cash, you get a card, with a pin involved. Basically, a Paysafe card is a prepaid debit card that you can spend online like cash. There are Paysafe cards with denominations as large as 175 British Pounds. When using a Paysafe card, typically it takes about 2 days to transfer your deposit to the casino. You will not, however, be able to transfer any winnings back to a Paysafe card. It’s a one-way proposition.

These are just a few of the ways including direct wire transfers from a bank that people can use to deposit money into a casino. Obviously, there are fewer fees involved if you can use to make your deposit by credit card, and as well, credit cards are an almost instant transfer, and the fees are often less. However, depending upon the whims of the bank, credit cards may be blocked by the bank holder, or severely limited. Therefore, its good to be aware of all of your other options for making deposits at an online casino. When using other means, always check out the fees though, as you do not want to pay up to 10 percent or so to deposit to a casino. The house already has a sizeable advantage in most casino games, so why give away more.