Different categories of players have resounding differences in what attracts them to a game. Casino games, especially online slots, comes with various attractive features to make the game entertaining to the gambler. Some players train their focus on how the game is designed, the graphical features of the slot. Other potential gamblers will get attracted to the online slot simply because of the developer behind the game. There is one component that most players forget, and it’s most critical in the online slot. This component is the online slot game return to the player, or in simple terms, RTP. The return to player ratio determines the payout forwarded to the gambler after a successful game win.

Suppose any new player or gambler is interested in the online casino slot games. In that case, they are advised by professional gamblers to the first lookout for the return to player ratio before engaging in any slot game. The return to player, RTP, differs from one slot game to the next, and some games like blackjack or even roulette have a different method away from the normal return to the player ratio we are used to. In this case, players get advised to look out for the game edge as it’s the determining factor.

Below are some of the games with some of the highest return to player ratio, meaning players, whether experienced or new, have a higher chance of hitting a win than other online slot games.

Mega Joker

Mega Joker tops the online slot games list with the highest return to player set at 99 per cent. The online slot game is developed by the software giant NetEnt, hence its resounding reputation among the gambling community. The Mega Joker online slot game is an excellent fruit themed slot that comes with a combination of three reels, three rows and a massive five payout lines.

The above-listed features are not the only Mega Joker slot features that make both experienced and new players attracted to this online slot. Mega Joker comes with one of the most comprehensive winning symbols that a player can combine in their winning strategy to hit a maximum win. Some of the common symbols in this game include the common fruits we are all used to, such as the lemon, oranges, cherries, melon and grapes. In terms of payment, Mega Joker is classified among the highest paying casino game. It’s classified among the most progressive jackpot awarding games, and it has a possibility of paying out thousands of dollars in a single bet worth of jackpot.

A combined super meter is yet another super attractive and enticing functionality of the mega joker as it is designed specifically to allow players to increase their betting amount. With such an elaborate plan, players in this online casino game have the potential of winning close to 400,000 coins once when the joker symbol triggered hits a winning combination.

Ugga Bugga

Ugga Bugga, just like Mega Joker, comes with a fat return to player set at around 99 per cent. Unlike the previous game, Mega Joker, Ugga Bugga is a proud Playtech product, yet another powerful casino software developer. Ugga Bugga is developed and designed under a theme around the jungle with some lavish artifacts you can come across. Some of the special symbols you will interact with under this online slot game include the large Bongo drums, many tropical fruits and a host of tribesmen. Ugga Bugga is a fascinating and interesting game to engage in, especially if you are an experienced player looking out for a big win. The game comes with a whopping 10 x 3-reel format, something rare to witness in the online casino slot games. Not only that, these online slot comes with a massive ten pay lines for players to choose from.

For any low risk-takers in the gambling industry, Ugga Bugga can be you’re possibly the best bet for you as it allows minimal bets of as little as ten cents. Ugga Bugga comes as one of the most affordable online slots for any inexperienced players and a thorough training ground to take on higher games in the future. Players engaging in this slot game are allowed an opportunity to maximize their profits by increasing their bets. For you to hit a mega jackpot on Ugga Bugga, players are required to trigger three gold huts, and your wager automatically gets multiplied by approximately 1000x. Players who activate their winning symbols get themselves enlisted with an opportunity to multiply their winning by about 125 times their bet.

1429 Uncharted Seas

If you are a fan of the medieval ages, Thunderkick has developed one of the comprehensive and engaging online slot games by the name of 1429 uncharted seas. As expected, this online slot game is based on an ancient sailor’s theme. Apart from the niceties and the beautiful features associated with this game, it comes with a return to player ratio set at approximately 98.6 per cent.

Any player who finds some of the exciting symbols you expect can be found on the sea; you are on a path to huge winnings. Some of the symbols to look out for in this slot game include the turtles, mermaid, lobster, and expected fish. If you happen to capture a mermaid as one of your symbols by chance, your wager gets multiplied by 50 times your bet. Other symbols such as Octopus pays 10x your bet. Such exciting bonuses make this game quite an attraction to many gamblers, especially experienced players.

To improve and better the gaming experience around 1429 uncharted seas, the game developers decided to incorporate wild symbols and scatters in the game. Ship in the game represents wild and comes with all the powers to replace any other symbol in-game apart from the scatter symbol. There are other minor bonus features such as free spins, which a player can get by following the yellow, blue and red icons on your reel. …….


Jokerizer is a casino software developer, Yggdrasil and comes readily equipped with a return to player ratio set at around 98 per cent. Unlike most of the other online slot games with high RTP, Jokerizer comes from a small software development company, but it’s quite competitive in the gambling industry.

What makes Jokerizer an attractive venture to most new and experienced gamblers is its beautiful and elegant 3D online slot that comes with five reels and a total of about ten pay lines. When considering payment as one of the major options while selecting which game to engage in, Jokerizer guarantees that it’s fast paying, and payouts are quite modest. For any player to win a considerable amount of cash in this game, there are some basic principles you must adhere to. First, a player has to be conversant with the rules of the game that govern players’ conduct and behaviour. Secondly, as a player, it’s quite normal that you understand the cards that can place a winning jackpot on your hands. Cards such as Kings, queens, stars and diamond form part of the Jokerizer winning cards. Jokerizer offers a maximum winning option if a player is in an apposition to align joker across all reels. The player bets get multiplied by 6000 their original stake. The only condition for you to win such huge bonuses is that you must be playing on a maximum bet.