When you play games in a casino you want one thing, that thing is to win and win big. With this core concept in mind, you want to choose games that foster a winning environment, because if you are playing a game that has the odds stacked against you then you are fighting an uphill battle. So in this article, I will be going over some games that give you the best odds of winning and when you win give you the best returns on your bets. This list will feature two schools of thought when it comes to “best returns”, the first school of thought is for the game to be very easy to play and win, meanwhile the second school of thought is for the game to be entirely skill-based. The reason that I make this distinction is that one is just easy, so it is a good idea to choose that game over say a game of war. The second school of thought is because if it is reliant on skill than say you posses then it isn’t betting, it’s just you besting your opponent and collecting the pot.

The first school of thought is being based off how easy it is to win, meanwhile, the second school of thought is based on how easy it is to get good at winning. If you are good at winning or have very good odds of winning, then you will always be seeing higher returns than in other more difficult games. The games that follow the second school of thought will be quite a bit better than the first school, this is because you can bet on skill quite a bit more than luck/ease of play.


This game is first on the list because it perfectly encapsulates both schools of thought, this game is both easy to understand but very hard to master. What this does for the player is make it a skill-based exchange that doesn’t have a huge barrier of entry. With a skilful approach to the game, you will be limiting your ability to lose all while increasing your chances at large returns. Learning to play blackjack will be one of the easiest things you will ever do, the objective of the game is to get as close to the number 21 without going over. The closer you are to 21, the better but if you go over then you automatically lose, so the rules are very simple and the objective is easy to understand. You will also have no shortage of players for this game since it is by far one of the most popular casino games out there.

Video Poker

With video poker you take all other people out of the equation, it’s just you and the machine. What this allows you to do is hone your skills without the variables that an opponent would bring, this is an invaluable benefit to playing video poker as opposed to regular poker. The game itself functions similar to a normal game of poker but with an RNG system (Random Numbers Generator) dealing the cards instead of a dealer. This won’t really change the way that the game functions, it just allows you to play the game entirely by yourself. It is sometimes referred to as “poker slots” and while they do share a lot of similarities in the way that they function, they do have one key difference and that is skill is required for video poker. This game like blackjack pulls from both schools of thought making it a perfect choice if you want to get better at a game all while still pulling big returns. Played skillfully, this game will give you the highest yields possible, making it the best choice on the list.


This is the first game in the list that has started to deviate from the second school of thought, this game relies on luck but is beyond easy to play. The objective of this game is to place a bet based on which of the hands will win, this leaves three different outcomes that you can bet on. The first is that the hand you choose wins, the second is that the hand the dealer has will win, and the third is that you bet they will actually tie. Betting that they will tie and being correct will net you the most return, but it is also the least likely outcome. With this game being based in luck I can’t recommend it over the other games on this list, but if you want to go for a luck-based game that gives you the best odds of having a good return, then baccarat is the game for you.


Craps is another game that takes from the second school of thought but makes it far more complicated than baccarat does. In craps, you roll a pair of dice and hope for a certain outcome from the roll, a natural is when you roll a 7 or an 11 and this means that you win and get to roll again. If you roll a 2, 3, or 12 then you lose, but you get to roll again and are not out of the game yet. The final outcome of the dice has you just marking down the points afforded by the dice numbers (This is called your sum). Now you roll the dice again and the objective of the game is for you to roll the same number as you did the first time, it doesn’t have to be the same combination, it just has to add up to the same sum. That’s the most basic rundown of the rules and objective of craps, this game being one of the luck-based one’s means I can’t recommend it over the first two suggestions but is an amazing runner-up.


I hope that this article helps you to pick what game you want to play the next time you find yourself at a casino and has provided you with an insight in what games will offer you the best returns for your investments. This list is ranked from top to bottom, so number 1 is, in my opinion, the best, but with that said I still think that all the others are great options as well.