There’s an indisputable allure to online gambling. Part of this charm comes from the sheer variety of options out there. It often seems that one can tailor the casino experience to fit into even the most time scarce parts of life. That’s quite true. But at the same time, there is a downside to the wealth of options. It’s often hard to know which of the many options for online gambling at the best option. Thankfully this is a lot easier to manage when one narrows things down by a few significant criteria. For this example, we’ll consider someone in NZ who has a standard schedule and access to laptop, desktop and smartphone.

Time place and platform

It’s best to start by considering the platform one will use for online gambling. In our example case, the individual has access to three devices with a CPU and internet connection. The larger question is which will prove to be the best fit for his lifestyle. He might have a desktop at work, laptop at home and his phone on him at all times. One might assume that he won’t be gambling at work. But it’s quite common for people to use their lunch break to have some fun with online gambling. However, some people prefer to only participate when they’re home and able to fully relax. This might make it seem like the phone is the best possible device. However, the smaller screen can be an issue for many people. And along with this, the interface is often not as intuitive as use of a mouse and keyboard. Finally, some online systems don’t work with smartphones. This has become much rarer as the platform’s popularity surges. But legacy systems still have a lot of momentum. In general, it’s best to go with whatever option will best fit into one’s daily routine. In this case, we’ll assume that he wants to be able to get some gambling in at any time of the day without much planning. So he’d choose to use his phone as the primary platform. This will also allow him to use both the laptop and desktop as a secondary interface with the same account. While going the opposite direction won’t always work as well.

Games as prerequisite

The next thing to keep in mind is the variety of games. There are two main categories to consider. And this will often prove itself the deciding variable when choosing an online gambling option. First, there are sports. This is somewhat analogous to placing a wager with a friend on any given sporting event. Next, one has online casinos. Technically one might find a venue targeting a specific casino game. But the vast majority of the options out there will instead focus on a selection of games somewhat similar to a physical casino. One should consider which games have the most appeal. In our earlier example, we looked at a New Zealand resident who would primarily play on his phone. He might also have a love of slot machines. This is often a fantastic match for smartphones so he’d benefit in two ways. He’d be able to stick to his favourite platform. And on top of that, he’d have access to his favourite game. However, one shouldn’t limit himself to a single game. One of the best things about online gaming is the choice. The initial favourites should be thought of as a foundation on which to build upon. A favourite game with a good interface is the big draw into a new service. But one shouldn’t allow himself to be constrained by it. This is often accomplished first by trying out similar games to the current favourite. In our example the player enjoyed slots. He might even have a particular favourite slot game. But to spread out the fun he could try looking into similar slot games in the same online system. And from there he might want to consider games that have the same general feel. In this case, roulette is a lot like slot games. The exact nature of the game might be very different. But the way players interact with both is similar. By trying to approach games as this one can essentially allow his interests to grow and evolve.

Take signup bonuses into consideration

One should also consider signup bonuses. The online casinos are often involved in pretty heavy competition. And this can prove to be a big advantage for players. A casino will often offer a variety of bonuses for people who sign up. This will often involve credit used to play the games they offer. This probably shouldn’t be one’s deciding factor. There’s a reason this is so far into the list rather than the first option. But while it’s not the deciding factor, it can be an important variable. And this is especially true when trying to decide between a handful of remaining options. The bonus is often what helps people decide among the best of the best.

Combining everything into a single strategy

All of this should come together to form an effective strategy. We can circle back to our initial example of a New Zealand resident who’s interested in getting into online gambling. He has a lot of devices, but his preference is for a smartphone. As such he’d begin by ensuring sites he’s interested in have support for his device. In this case, it’s an Android device. But in general, it’s fairly rare for either iOS or Android to exist in exclusion with the other. Having decided on the main platform he also gives some thought to his remaining devices. He uses OSX at home and Windows at work. This continues to be a fairly common situation for people. This means that he has a very good chance of having his choice on his smartphone work for his laptop and desktop as well. Next, he has a strong preference for slot-based games which emulate a slot machine. He would want to look through his options to find those which have a heavy emphasis on slots. Once he narrowed the option down he’d want to consider other games as well. This would involve seeing if there were games similar to slot machines which he might want to try later on. With everything narrowed down, he’d want to look through what the remaining choices offered as a signup bonus. Once again, he’d want to keep his gaming preferences in mind. Some of the online casinos leverage bonuses in favour of specific games. As such, he’d want to make sure there was no push to get him away from slots. And if there were any push to specific games he’d want to make sure they were related to slots. With all this in mind, he’d finally be ready to start up and play. This would involve the initial setup on his phone. And from there he’d want to also ensure he has everything set up on his laptop and desktop system if he wanted to play from there as well. Once that’s finished he could relax and enjoy it at any time.