Interesting Facts

Gambling is one of the best ways to enjoy and let loose. This is one place where you can experience a lot of many different kinds of people coming in, making it a bit. There are a lot of things which happen around here and we are going to be discussing some of the most interesting ones.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla, one of the most famous inventors known for bringing in the design of the AC design of the supply system. He was also known as a compulsive gambler where he blew all his money tuition money on gambling but after he managed to get back all the money back to this family. He was never given the grades for his latest semester, which he later said that he had completed his passion for gambling. Later, after he travelled to the United States, he was known to pick up on his old habits of gambling.



This is probably one of the most well-known gambling fact where the American Multinational courier company FedEx, CEO Fred Smith was in his last $5000 where he tried to gamble off the money to keep the company afloat. He later gambled at blackjack and won $27,000 which he put in his business which later became a success as he was able to update his fuel bill.

Australian Syndicate

It is said that Australian lose more money than any other place per capita of any nation. In the year 1992, a gambling syndicate organised themselves to buy many combinations of their Virginia lottery and later won. This is one of the most risky purchases which cost upwards of $5 million but later were declared to be the winner winning $27 million.

Russian Hackers

Gambling was outlawed in Russia in the year 2009 as they forced to shut many casinos and started to sell many slot machines. A few of them ended up with the counterfeit, which used the circuit board to bring in new vulnerabilities. There were many novomatic machines which were paying out large sums of money without any trace of hamper with the machines.

Russian Hackers

Lord Sandwich

There are written records where the discovery of sandwich was given to John Montagu 4th Earl of Sandwich. The sandwich was created as a means to help the Lord eat while not disturbing him in his pace with his gambling obsession. This is where the cook started to place meat in between two toats to make up a sandwich.

Anti-Gambling Fail

During the 2014 world cup fever, Singapore’s anti-gambling agency published an advent which featured a kid telling how his father lost all of their savings in the gambling. This ad was turned back were many memes were popping about the father winning and family being happy. Although gambling is heavily regulated in Singapore, it is still an arising issue.