History of Gambling

Gambling is not a new term or form of entertainment. It has been in the crevices of various narratives spun across a myriad of cultures since times immemorial. If you closely look into the culture of gambling, you shall find several movies and a body of literature that extensively elaborates on the motif of gambling and casinos. This might thus, pique the interest of people regarding the roots of gambling(Watch Now) and how it all began. Gambling has a rich history, one that could possibly be an interesting topic to pursue. It has been around for a long time, and countries have their own histories to flaunt. This thus, allows us to segue into exploring the history and evolution of gambling in New Zealand, which can, in turn, give us a better understanding of the domain of the sport (or entertainment) in its entirety.

The Beginning:

It all began when European settlers started coming to New Zealand in large numbers during the colonial times and brought with them that which we now know as gambling. Gambling, in New Zealand, was considered to be illegal before the 1900s. However, with the Gambling Act of 1908, it assumed a legalized nature and gambling of sorts became a legitimate affair in the country. Gambling, in New Zealand, is practised in several shapes and forms, like racing, betting, lottery and casinos. We shall now look into a few of these areas in more significant details and try to understand the gradual evolution of these forms.



Racing, as a concept, began sometime around 1835 in New Zealand, as a variation of gambling. The activity is now controlled by the New Zealand Racing Board and New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing. New Zealand brags of over 52 race courses which see over 3000 races being held annually. These racecourses often draw crowds from the creamiest sections of the society, and the races give out prize money that could go above 50 million dollars.


The lottery is not an exclusive concept that belongs to New Zealand, but the country sure has a lot to contribute to shaping the domain. Lotteries in New Zealand were introduced in 1933, and the Golden Kiwi Lottery that came into the fore in 1961 is often said to have revolutionized the industry.



If you are a casino enthusiast, you might have already heard of the largest casino in New Zealand, which is in Auckland. While in New Zealand, you must make it your mission to visit Auckland once for the charm that the place has to offer, in the form of fancy and embellished casinos

Final Words:

New Zealand is impregnated with casinos and racecourses that can leave you in utter awe. The place thrives significantly on the income that this domain brings into the nation, and also leads to an influx of tourists which thus, further contributes to the overall global economy.